Pet of the month

Pet of the Month – August, 2021

* Archie’s condition was so bad that euthanasia was almost his lot!

Franklin Dohanyos, Franklin Publicity, Inc.

MANCHESTER, TN – The story of Archie, also known as Archibald J. Gracie, is an incredible one of a dog with a will to live. And the story has a happy ending as Archie found a new home and a happy life, thanks to Elizabeth Daugherty of Manchester, Tennessee. Found wandering the streets with fleas coming out of his nose and worms that required three de-wormer treatments, Archie is now a healthy dog.

Daugherty sent in Archie’s photo and story, and it was chosen as the August 2021 Better Made Snack Foods pet photo of the month winner. For winning, Daugherty will receive

a freshly made sampler box filled with a variety of delicious Better Made Snack Food products.

Pet contest photos of all kinds may be submitted on line through the contest page at the Better Made website,, e-mailed to, or mailed to Better Made Pet Photo Contest, 10148 Gratiot Avenue, Detroit, MI 48213. Remember, Better Made encourages people to send in their most outrageous and/or cutest pet photo they can of their favorite pet, be it a dog, cat, goat, rabbit, bird, orangutan, frilled lizard, etc., and the funnier or cuter the better!

Here is a part of Archie’s incredible story as written by Daugherty: Archie came to us as a foster dog in October of 2018. We were volunteers with To the Moon and Back Rescue in Iowa. Archie was four pounds and completely hairless. He was found in a part of the city known for dumping dogs. He was underfed, wandering around by himself and so full of fleas and worm that fleas were coming out of his nose. The rescue got him de-flea-ed but it would take three rounds of dewormers to get rid of all of the worms. That winter he had no less than three respiratory infections and we bought him special flannel doggie pajamas to keep him warm. Some hair did finally grow back but it’s very thin and sparse and we’re lucky any grew back. Archie would wake up at night screaming in terror from nightmares and we eventually purchased him special little doggie sleeping bags known as cuddle caves. He has always slept on the bed with us but now he had his own little cuddle cave on our bed to sleep in. A trip to a canine psychologist and we found out little Archie has PTSD from his prior home being abusive. We realized that Archie was now considered “unadoptable” and the only other place for him was a shelter and possibly euthanasia. We were never going to allow that to happen. When we discovered we were being transferred to Texas for my husband’s job, we decided that Archie was coming with us. He is now a proper adopted dog and has gained weight plus a spiffy new wardrobe of doggie pajamas since he still has issues with being cold.

“This is an incredible story of one dog’s desire to live and the love one couple showed to make it possible,” says Better Made CEO, Cathy Gusmano. “Once again we have a pet photo story that just melts your heart. We wish Archie a long life with his new, loving family.”

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