Pet of the month

April’s Pet Of The Month Winner 2022

Adorable chickens act more like puppies!

Franklin Dohanyos, Franklin Publicity, Inc.


SHERMAN, TX – Most people in America have a dog or cat as a pet, but for Richelle Nash of Sherman, TX, it’s chickens! Her chickens, Charlie and Nora, saw her drink out of a straw from her mug and thought they’d try it for themselves! They love to play and Richelle says they follow her around like puppies! For sending in the winning pet photo for April 2022, Richelle will receive a freshly made sampler box filled with a variety of delicious Better Made Snack Food products.

Pet contest photos of all kinds may be submitted by sending an e-mail to or mailed to Better Made Pet Photo Contest, 10148 Gratiot Avenue, Detroit, MI 48213. Remember, Better Made encourages people to send in their most outrageous and/or cutest pet photo they can of their favorite pet, be it a dog, cat, goat, rabbit, bird, orangutan, frilled lizard, etc., and the funnier or cuter the better!

“I’m originally from Mt. Clemens and moved to Texas in 1976. I won’t eat other brands of chips so I order Better Made on line. When I saw the contest, I knew I had to send in this photo. Charlie follows me all around, including my car and house. I guess she thinks I’m her mom. Unfortunately, a hawk got our Nora. But Charlie and the others get a healthy bedtime snack every night. Thanks Better Made!”

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