Pet of the month Press Release

October’s Pet of the Month Winner 2023

* Fun trio of Cocker Spaniels provide daily laughs!

OSSINEKE, MI – We’ve seen a lot of fun photos since starting this pet photo contest, but never have we seen a goose photo bomb a picture of his duck friends! That’s exactly what GoosyGoose did and from what we hear, he’s one wacky goose! Oh, he tries to act tough, but he’s a big ham at heart. This fun photo was sent in by Dawn Martin of Ossineke and has been chosen as the September 2023 pet of the month. For winning, Dawn will receive a sampler box of freshly made, delicious Better Made Snack Food products. GoosyGoose will receive some great-tasting treats from Hunter’s Healthy Treats.

Pet contest photos of all kinds may be submitted by sending an e-mail to or mailed to Better Made Pet Photo Contest, 10148 Gratiot Avenue, Detroit, MI 48213. Remember, Better Made encourages people to send in their most outrageous and/or cutest pet photo they can of their favorite pet, be it a dog, cat, goat, rabbit, bird, orangutan, frilled lizard, etc., and the funnier or cuter the better!

“Goosygoose is the old man of our gaggle of eight geese and about 50 ducks,” says Martin. “He likes to be protective of them so he stomps his feet and hisses and squawks at you trying to be tough, sometimes even biting at your pant legs, but really he’s not. If you say boo and put your hand out for him he’ll runaway. But during day or night he will for sure warn you of anything lurking around that shouldn’t be. We love Better Made and thank you for choosing our photo.”

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