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Thanksgiving Made Easy with Better Made

The holiday season is quickly approaching, ushering in school breaks, family gatherings, and of course, our favorite comfort foods. Amidst the festivities, time for preparation seems to dwindle more and more as the Holidays quickly approach. This is where Better Made steps in – it’s time to cross snacks off your to-do list because we’ve got you covered this season with our Party in a Box.

And our Party in a Box chip bundle just got more exciting with our New Era Tortilla Chips! These restaurant-style tortilla chips are made from stone-ground ingredients and perfectly seasoned with sea salt. Gluten-free and devoid of artificial colors or flavors, these chips are not just a snack but a versatile companion for dips, salsas, and various meals.

Here are nine ways you can enjoy our Party in a Box this holiday season:

  1. Football Game Watch Party
    • Football games and potato chips are a classic pairing. What better way to savor the victories of the Honolulu Blue than with a Detroit staple? Better Made will be alongside you, cheering for the Lions this fall. The bagged party mix is the perfect snack for long fourth quarter drives that end games in a victory!
  2. The Ideal Side Dish Companion
    • Every dip deserves a worthy carrier. Our New Era Tortilla Chips serve as the perfect canvas to enjoy a variety of dips, including salsa, guacamole, layered cheese dip, and more. Whatever dip you choose, our chips will elevate the experience. For an assortment of dip recipes, explore our favorite homemade dip recipes here!
  1. Foliage Tour Belle Isle Park
    • Embrace the beauty of the changing seasons with a picturesque foliage tour at Belle Isle Park. Pack a lunch and bring us with you as you view the stunning and colorful autumn hues around you. Gather with friends and family on this Isle Park Foliage Tour and enjoy the crisp air as you watch the seasons change in front of you. To learn more about the Belle Isle Park Foliage Tour click here
  1. America’s Thanksgiving Parade Brought to you by Gardner White
    • America’s Thanksgiving Parade is a beloved national tradition. Whether you opt to tune in to the broadcast or not, having potato chips on hand is non-negotiable. We’ve made it easy for you because you won’t have to make the hard decision of picking out the right chips because you can try them all with our Party in a Box bundle. What better choice than all the chip choices to accompany you while watching your favorite floats and performances?
  1. Friday Movie Night Extravaganza
    • Unwind from the holiday hustle, and let your body digest its Thanksgiving gluttony with a cozy Friday movie night. Get cozy on the couch and have a movie marathon with your favorite holiday series! Think you can watch the entire Harry Potter series this holiday season? If you do, make sure to stock up on our Potato Sticks beforehand so that you stay fed.  
  1. Turkey Trot Snacks for the Finish Line
    • Participating in a Turkey Trot race or cheering on your friends and family during the event? Our New Era Tortilla Chips are the ideal post-race snack to refuel and celebrate your achievements. These chips provide the perfect crunch, flavor and recovery ingredients to reward yourself after crossing the finish line. Share the joy of your accomplishments with friends and fellow participants by offering them our delicious tortilla chips!
  1. Detroit Scavenger Hunt: Midtown Groove Snacking Adventure
    • This year, Midtown Groove is hosting a major scavenger hunt in Detroit. As you decode clues and uncover hidden treasures, you will need to make sure you have a convenient snack near you. And you can share our potato chips with friends and family participating in the scavenger hunt. To learn more about the Midtown Groove Detroit Scavenger Hunt, Click here!

Our Party in a Box offers convenience and flavor, ensuring your holiday season is filled with great snacks. As the holiday season unfolds, we extend our warmest wishes to you and your loved ones. We hope this festive time brings joy, togetherness, and countless cherished moments. Share your celebrations with us by tagging our official Instagram account.

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