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The Ultimate Sweet & Salty Snack: Chocolate-Covered Chips

Better Made Snack Foods Chocolate-Covered Chips are back. And they come just in time for holiday gift giving. But these famous snacks are only around for a limited time. Don’t hesitate. We all know from experience that these delicious treats sell out fast!

The ultimate sweet and salty snack, our chocolate-covered chips come in decadent milk chocolate and dark chocolate varieties. And of course they are always packaged in our ever-popular limited edition yellow and red collectible Better Made tin.

We know you’ve been waiting for this moment all year. Now is the time to spring into action!

Chocolate-Covered Chips Are The Perfect Holiday Gift

You might be asking, “What can I buy for clients instead of holiday gift baskets?” Or, “What snack makes the best holiday gift?” Well, here is the answer: chocolate-covered chips (surprise!). The sweet, salty, and crunchy snack is easily the perfect holiday gift for family, friends, employees, business associates, or just yourself. It’s your turn to win holiday gift giving with chocolate-covered chips.

Addictive & Delicious Chocolate-Covered Chips

Our chocolate-covered chips are described as “addictive” and “delicious.” One reviewer labeled them as “the best ever” and said “…only problem is I couldn’t stop eating them.” Another said, “These chips are awesome!” You simply have to try our mouth-watering chocolate-covered wavy potato chips for yourself. And that’s only one reason to join the fun this holiday season. One commenter on Facebook celebrated her recent order saying, “I love the tins!”

How Should I Use My Collectible Tin?

Our coveted limited edition tins include 7-ounces of tasty chocolate-covered chips. But when you’re done with the delicious snack, you surely don’t want to just throw the tin away. So, how should you use your collectible Better Made Snack Foods tin? Here are some ideas. Store your loose change. Turn it into a candle. Pack dried spices or loose leaf tea. Make it a pen holder on your desk. Or simply (and best of all) fill it with more chocolate-covered chips.

That’s Not the Only Collectible Holiday Gift This Season

You can order our milk chocolate or dark chocolate chocolate-covered chips on their own, or you can order both together at the same time. When you place an order for both at the same time, we also include a collectible Better Made enamel holiday ornament– adding even more to an already incredible holiday gift. The ornament features the timeless Better Made logo and a red ribbon for hanging the ornament on your tree. It’s the perfect addition to your collection of holiday ornaments. And if you’d like to hand out even more Better Made ornaments as holiday gifts, you can also purchase them on their own.

Ways to Enjoy Your Chocolate-Covered Chips

No matter how you choose to order them or eat them, chocolate-covered chips don’t seem to stick around long. The sweet and salty snack is grand all on its own. But they can also be enjoyed in a variety of different ways, like part of a snack mix with M&M’s and mini marshmallows. Or served with a plate of fresh fruit (strawberries, anyone?). Maybe leave them out for Santa and his reindeer. Be creative with your chocolate-covered chips and share your ideas with us on Instagram and Facebook!

History of Chocolate-Covered Chips

One thing we know for sure: chocolate-covered chips are a treasure and make the perfect holiday gift. One thing we don’t know for sure is who first created chocolate-covered chips. It’s thought that they originated in North Dakota (first known as “chippers”) and first went to market in Chicago in 1985. Another historical account takes us all the way to France in 1961. That’s where an Italian named Vincent Grimaldi possibly came up with chocolate-covered chips in an attempt to get his job back at a confectionery. However they started, our chocolate-covered chips are our take on the classic – better made! 

Why Are Chocolate-Covered Chips Seasonal?

Better Made Snack Foods does not have a cold storage facility to hold items with a low melting point– such as our chocolate-covered chips. That’s why we have to wait until the weather is cold enough to store our chocolate-covered chips without them melting (no one wants to mess with perfection). But beyond that, chocolate-covered chips simply make the best holiday gift. It’s the perfect convergence of cool temperatures and the festive holiday season coming together in one mouth-watering moment.

Where to Buy Chocolate-Covered Chips

After all this talk about chocolate-covered chips, you’re ready to dive in! You can buy Better Made Snack Foods Chocolate-Covered Chips on our website, on our Amazon store, or find them at a number of local stores; as far north as Sault Saint Marie, as far south as Tacumseh, and anywhere in between. Check out our chocolate-covered chips store tracker to find a location near you.

Don’t miss your opportunity to get your hands (and mouth) on our chocolate-covered chips. They’re sweet. They’re salty. And they’re crunchy. The perfect trifecta. Just don’t forget to share this season. They are meant to be holiday gifts after all.

Other Great Holiday Gifts From Better Made Snack Foods

And if you happen to miss out on chocolate-covered chips this time around, we have plenty of other tasty treats for your holiday gifts, including our Better Made Snack Foods snack sampler gift box, popcorn variety snack pack, or old fashioned red licorice. There is no shortage of options to brighten someone’s holiday season, including shirts and hoodies, hats, and drinkware.

Better Made Snack Foods are proudly Michigan made, and better made. We use only the best potatoes and the finest oils and seasonings for our products. All of our potato chips are untouched by human hands from the time the potatoes leave the farm until you bring them to your mouth.  The recipe for a better snack.

When our company started in 1930, it was our goal to make better potato chips. And more than 93 years later, we continue to develop and provide a wide variety of award-winning snack foods for Michigan and beyond. 

We’re proud to be a part of this amazing community and we are honored to be involved in your holiday celebrations. Everything is better with Better Made.

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