Job Requirements:

  • Must be able to read, write and perform basic math
  • Ability to handle frequent twisting, bending and reaching
  • Understand and carry out oral instructions
  • Standing for long periods of time at various heights and walking throughout the day
  • Must be HI-Lo certified with current license
  • Must be able to lift and carry up to 50 pounds

Specific Work Experience:

  • Previous experience driving hi-lo
  • Able to climb a ladder

Job Description:

  • Unload potatoes and oil trucks into an appropriate potato bin and/or oil tanks
  • Inspect bill of lading to ensure truck has required documentation, this documentation includes:
    • Our address correct due date
    • Type of oil on truck and/or potatoes
    • Weight tickets: Gross weight and empty weight
    • Ensure seals on trailers match bill lading
  • Inspect trailer as indicated in our Receiving Standard Operating Procedures
  • Complete Potato Evaluation Procedures
  • Ensure driver has backed onto potato ramp properly, has unhooked tractor and tractor is clear of lift
  • Ensure ramp is clear prior to lifting trailer
  • Start all appropriate conveyors and open gate to designated potato bin
  • Complete lot ticket and perform gravity test as well as fry test
  • Ensure fry test is graded and ok’d by QC prior to accepting load
  • Raise potato lift and begin unloading process, this is to be monitored by receiver (do not leave unattended)
  • Oil receiving ensure type of oil being received is hooked up to appropriate receiving pipe, destination tank is empty, and all valves are in proper open/closed position
  • Completing Driver trailer inspection papers
  • Complete all receiver documentation as required for oil receiving
  • Monitor unloading process of oil (do not leave unattended)
  • Start appropriate (lot) of potatoes as needed for fryers being used (monitor during shift)
  • Ensure appropriate conveyors and gates are running and in correct positions
  • Monitor starch room and change starch container as needed
  • Keep areas clean around potato lift, oil receiving station and potato bins throughout the day
  • Relieve other general laborers as instructed
  • Turn in all corresponding paperwork in Production office
  • Work as a team member
  • Follow all safety procedures

Other duties as assigned by supervision/management