Father of the Year



*** The Dad of the winning entry will receive a delicious Better Made sampler gift box! ***

All submissions will be posted on the Better Made website. The winner will be chosen on Father’s Day Sunday, June 19th.

2021 Father of the Year Winner – Richard Browe

“My dad is truly an amazing man. He suffered from cardiac arrest in 2015 and he died twice on the bathroom floor while the paramedics struggled to bring him back. He was without oxygen to the brain for more than 11 minutes, spent 9 days in a drug induced coma, and was told he would never be more then that current state of vegetation. He has made a recovery of a lifetime. He was still healing when we lost my mother unexpectedly the beginning of 2016. I never thought he was going to be the same. He has since remarried a friend of the family for many years, who also lost her husband, and she brings my dad so much joy. My dad now enjoys life to the fullest, spending time with his 2 daughters a bonus daughter, three grand children, and his bonus grand children. He gives his all in everything he does, not only for himself but for his family. He doesn’t look at his traumatic experience as a set back but as stepping stone to live life to the fullest. I found out about the father of the year contest on the Better Made website, and having grow up a Detroit native, enjoying the Red hot chips, licorice, and plain old originals I think my dad would love this sampler box.”

— Kelly Browe
2020 Father of the Year Winner – Chad Barton

“Adopting the two children was a great way to celebrate Christmas! They were both foster children from different families, and since the adoption, Chad and the children are inseparable. Mister is African American and Chad is Caucasian, but to Chad, Mister, and the entire family, color doesn’t matter. They love each other with their whole heart and Mya now has a positive father figure in her life that she never had. We’re truly a loving, blended family in so many ways. Chad is proud to tell others of his six children – one biological, three stepchildren, and two adopted. I found out about the Father of he Year contest on-line and wanted to do something for Chad by nominating him. Thank you, Better Made!”

— Lacy Barton
2019 Father of the Year Winner – Edward Ramey, Sr.

“My father is a big fan of Better Made Chips,” says Ramey. “His favorite flavors are regular and BBQ. As for me, I love all Better Made flavors, because they are the best. I learned about the contest from the Better Made website and knew I had to nominate my dad. He is true to his family and spreads his love equally. He loves snacking while watching sports or his favorite TV shows.”


2018 Father of the Year Winner – Matthew Wernert

“I would like to nominate my son, Army Major Matthew Wernert, as Father of the Year. Matt has been married for eleven years and during that time he has been deployed twice to Afghanistan and once to Iraq. Matt and his wife Leslie have three sons. They adopted their eldest son, Devon, when he was 14 years old, three years ago. Matt is an exemplary father and sets examples of honor and respect to his children. I am proud that he is my son and proud of his bravery in serving our country. Thank you.”

–Annette Wernert

2016 Father of the Year Winner – Scott Schultz

“My name is Julie Mollitor and I would like to nominate my son-in-law, Scott Schultz, from Owosso, MI, for your Father of the Year contest. Scott and my daughter have three children. The oldest, Autumn, was born with Cystic Fibrosis, an incurable disease. The middle child and only son, Dakota, was born Autistic and is mostly non-verbal. And then there is a toddler named Layla who is healthy, thank God, but quite the handful! Scott has physical disabilities that prevent him from working but he takes awesome care of the kids. He manages all of Autumn’s medications and Dr.’s appointments, and is a real blessing to all of the kids.

Neither Autumn nor Dakota ever feels their life is lacking because no matter how little money there is, Scott makes every day fun. Everyone gets to go fishing with him and Autumn was old enough and healthy enough this year to go hunting with him, They go through a lot of Better Made chips! Dakota prefers the Salt and Vinegar so he gets his own bag. Scott makes them feel so special and treats them as if everything were fine.”

–Julie Mollitor

2014 Father of the Year Winner – Tom A. Valik

“My Father has always been a man of honesty, fairness, and love. He was always the type of Father that never lied, and loved his family and friends unconditional. One of his sayings was, “Do you know your Mother and I love you? Do we lie to you? The answer – yes and no. Then it doesn’t matter what you say to anyone when you’re upset with us, you know the truth.” My Father is a SAINT!

He never judges anyone, he will help out anyone in need of assistance. My life has been such a learning experience every day because of his wisdom and love. I would have to write a book to Better Made to truly give him the justice and honor he deserves. I know other Fathers in this contest are great, as well, but I am biased and only know my Father’s gift he has given to me, and my brother. I will never be able to tell him or show him how much he means to me, because it is infinite. I will never be the man he is and one day I just hope to be able to stand on just one step of his stage of greatness. Thank you for you time and for at least reading a bit of how I love my Pop.”

–Tim Valik